A probate attorney or lawyer is basically someone that can help you through the legal process of settling the estate of someone you’ve been named a personal representative of. You never want to face the fact that a family member or close friend might die, but as you advance in years, the chances go up that you’ll lose someone and have to deal with this.

If any of your older relatives decided to retire to sunny South Florida, it might be a good idea to have probate attorneys in Fort Lauderdale help you out with settling their estate, property, will, bills, and financial assets once they pass away.

When a probate lawyer is representing, advising, or assisting the personal representative of the particular estate in question, then the attorney can be helpful with the following 14 tasks:

1) The locating and securing of both probate and non-probate assets.
2) Obtaining date of death appraisals and values on the entirety of the decedent’s property and possessions.
3) Preparing and then filing any and all documents the probate court requires in a timely fashion.
4) Collecting proceeds from life insurance.
5) Rolling over retirement plans like 401(k)s and IRAs into proper elections.
6) Advising how to pay the outstanding debts and final bills of a decedent.
7) Tracking the checking account of the estate.
8) Determining if state or federal inheritance and/or estate taxes will apply, as well as figuring out where the need funds or cash come from to pay such taxes.
9) Dealing with income tax issues.
10) Resolving disputes or conflicts among personal beneficiaries and representatives.
11) Helping out with selling estate property.
12) Requesting permission from the court for varied actions that applicable probate laws the state requires.
13) Handling retitling of any real estate from the decedent into the name of an estate beneficiary if it isn’t sold.
14) Distribution of the remaining decedent assets towards beneficiaries once taxes and bills are paid.

If you have family in South Florida that pass away, your process of grieving and settling their estate can go much smoother if you use probate attorneys in Fort Lauderdale. There are many other things that such professionals can do for you, but these 14 are among the critical elements of estate settlement and closure that they can help you and your family within your time of grief. They’re particularly useful if you don’t live in the area or can’t easily travel there often.

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What Can Probate Attorneys In Fort Lauderdale Do For You?