A personal injury lawyer is the same as any lawyer. What made them special are the legal services they give to their plaintiffs. These are claimants who got injured or harmed physically or mentally resulting from the neglect of a company, a government agency, or an individual. Below are the cases that most personal injury attorneys in Phoenix tackle:



  • Motor Vehicle Accidents 



Last year, there was a total of 127,056 motor vehicle accidents in the State of Arizona. Out of these mishaps, there was a total of 53,376 who got injured. With personal injury lawyers, the entire worth of their accident can be accurately assessed, along with compensation for medical bills, lost remunerations, and other losses.



  • Slip & Fall Accidents



Slip & Fall accidents happen to a lot of people every year. These people either get injured or killed. Personal injury lawyers will immediately identify the premises of the liability for such cases. Detection of negligent parties will also proceed.



  • Dog Attacks



We consider dogs as “man’s best friend.” They can be friendly, but sometimes they bite or attack people. It could result in injuries or worse, fatalities. In 2011, insurance companies paid nearly $479 million: all dog bite claims. Personal injury attornies can help folks recoup their lives. They will help them how to recover damages in a sum that compensate people fairly.



  • Pedestrian Accidents



A person gets hit by a vehicle while crossing a street. He or she sustained injuries, either minor or serious, but what if something much worse happened? The State of Arizona ranks fifth in the country in pedestrian traffic with 125 deaths from January to June 2017. A personal injury lawyer could aid you to spot the accountability. They can give you the serenity and assurance on the manner they will handle your case and the next steps that you should take.



  • Wrongful Deaths



It is when some died due to gross negligence or sudden catastrophes. Personal injury lawyers help you pursue claims for the surviving members of the family.


Personal injury lawyers are the troubleshooters whenever you get yourself hurt. As they say, when in you’re in trouble, better call the professionals!


Top 5 Cases Personal Injury Lawyers Work On